Having your operation work smoothly takes both experience and understanding. We start by talking to you to figure out just what your concerns are, and what needs you are looking to address. Then we look at what you have in place and what your actual workflow is. After some intensive examination and research we’ll provide you with recommendations that reflect both the particular situation and our experience. Paying attention to this part will save an incredible amount of time and aggravation later so everyone will proud of the outcome.



We’ll draw up a high-level plan that will identify areas of need, and provide a framework to refer to when figuring out the overall plan of attack. By making sure we have an eye on where things are going to be one, two or five years down the road we can make sure we aren’t putting effort into short term solutions.



At this point we’ll work together to draw up a strategic plan that will detail both the remedies for the immediate emergencies and the long term work that will put you on a path to sustainable productivity. We’ll figure out schedules for purchasing, replacement, servicing and maintenance, while managing your available resources to get the most value from the assets already in place.



We aren’t finished when we install the equipment or work around a bug. We’ll keep you apprised of the progress we make all along the way, and we’ll make sure that we leave documentation that anyone could use to figure out what we’ve done. While we don’t plan on stepping in front of a bus, we want to make sure we’ve planned for it.