What we do...

  • Workflow consultation
  • Process consulting
  • Systems design
  • Systems integration
  • Equipment procurement,
  • Repair and systems troubleshooting
  • Systems upgrades and preventative maintenance
  • Rack elevations and signal flow documentation
  • Offsite mail and web hosting
  • Onsite and offsite backup management
  • Spam filtering
  • Asset tracking and lifecycle management
  • Facility design, from equipment to lighting and furniture

We can offer a wide range of skill sets across a broad range of production experience. And if we don’t have the right fit on staff, we can probably refer to you someone who is.

  • Long and short form video editing
  • Project management
  • Conceptualization and execution
  • Motion graphics
  • 3D design
  • Effects generation

We work with Honeymix in NYC for audio mixing needs. With over twenty years of experience in the music, film, and commercial post industries, Eric and the team has worked on hundreds of national television and radio spots for clients such as Exxon, Jaguar, Dos Equis, Verizon and Pepsi among others.

  • System specification and configuration
  • Workflow analysis
  • Recording, mixing and post-production

We can work with you to track down that perfect song to set your piece apart, or to find that unique clip to make sure that your B-roll looks as good as your A-roll.

  • Sourcing footage, music, and when applicable securing licensees/permissions. Consultancies to determine when licenses are required. From creative direction to pitches to industrial, trade show, internet, broadcast, regional, global, social, radio…. the works.
  • Simplify licensing process: negotiate coverage needed, advise on and secure additional clearances/permissions as required (publishing rights, talent rights, property releases, trade mark clearances etc). Obtain best rates, discuss possible additional terms/options upfront etc.
  • Replacement services for footage and/or music that is unavailable or beyond budgetary parameters.
  • Media management and archive consulting-you’ve got it, but how do you track it?